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Hi! My name is Petar!
I am in love with playing the guitar and with its unique way of letting people express themselves. My musical journey started at 7 with playing the violin and learning music theory and solfege. By the time I turned 12, I transitioned to playing guitar, embarking on a path that led me to explore the world of song composition and arrangement. Over the years, I played in a diverse array of bands, ranging from rock bands to big-band orchestras and even a gospel choir. These experiences have honed my expertise in various musical styles and roles within a band: a session player, a composer & arranger, and a band-leader.

While currently being active as a performing guitar player and a singer, I am also specializing as a producer and mixing engineer at Redwood Studio in Maastricht since 2021. I produce individual artists and bands and often I record guitars and vocals as a studio and live session musician. And I've got a soft spot for teaching guitar and helping fellow musicians find their creative groove and confidence through coaching.

Curious about what I bring to the table? Check out below the details on my profile as a session player, music producer, guitar teacher, composer, and coach! 🎸 ✨

Session Guitar Player

Looking for a session guitarist to add some magic to your studio project or bring the heat to your live performance? Well, you're in luck! When I work on your project, I'm not just strumming away – I assume the role of an attentive listener, dedicated to aligning my playing with your unique artistic vision.

Whether you want me to nail down your exact vision, toss in some killer complementary ideas, or let loose with a raw and genuine improvisation, I'm on it. I'm quick on the draw when it comes to learning new material, and I don't just stop there – I dive into the nitty-gritty details, soaking in the specific style and expressiveness of your music. Ultimately, I aim at crafting the right tone, technique, and sonic palette to make your music blossom. You can hear a sample of my session guitar playing here and here. I regularly post about my collaborations on my Instagram account. In addition, you can get a sense of my guitar playing on my YouTube channel.


  • (all prices include BTW / VAT unless pointed otherwise)
  • Studio sessions: € 35 per hour
  • Live sessions: Contact me for pricing
TROV Music and Coaching

Producer: Sound-Engineering, Mixing and Mastering your ideas

Do you have a song, an EP, or a full album awaiting the magic touch of a professional studio? Join me at Redwood Studio in Maastricht, where I offer a compelling blend of top-tier services at prices that won't break the bank. Whether it's recording, mixing, or mastering your project, I'm here to bring your musical vision to life with finesse.

My modus operandi is one of care, openness, and dedicated service. Recognizing and supporting artists' needs is intrinsic to my approach. I can actively guide you in harnessing your strengths or alternatively I can take a step back, assume a more supportive role, responding to your artistic lead. Ultimately, I listen to your needs and adopt a style of work that serves your artistic needs in the studio in the best way possible.

If you want to hear a sample of my production work (mixing and mastering), check here.


  • Upon request
TROV Music and Coaching

Guitar Lessons

Teaching is a natural passion for me and it is incredibly satisfying to help people learn and reach their goals. I've been a university lecturer and tutor for the past twenty years, having worked in Sofia, BG, Manchester, UK and Maastricht, NL. I have the Dutch teaching qualification for university-level education - BKO (Basiskwalificatie Onderwijs).

My teaching approach is all about listening to your wishes understanding what you want to achieve. Whether you want to master a favorite song or work on a specific guitar technique, I can teach you how to do it. I can guide you in different ways of learning music, like learning by ear, reading sheet music, reading tabs, or a combination that works best for you. During our lessons, you'll also build a strong foundation in rhythm, melody, and harmony. I believe that playing the guitar is supposed to be fun, and I make sure our lessons reflect that sense of enjoyment. Normally I teach in English but if you prefer, I can also speak Dutch in our lessons.


  • Under 21 years: € 30,00 (35 minutes)
  • (people under 21 are exempted from paying BTW / VAT)
  • Package of 10 lessons for students under 21 years: € 250
  • Over 21 years: € 36,30 (45 minutes)
  • Package of 10 lessons for students over 21 years: € 300

I can provide guitar, cables, amplifiers, and sound system. If you prefer however to bring your own guitar, you are welcome to do so.

Lessons are held at either Jac Thijssedomein 22, Maastricht, or at Redwood Studio, Bankastraat 3, Maastricht.

Supplementary fee may apply should you prefer to take your lessons at a different location – subject to consultation with you.

TROV Music and Coaching

Composer and Arranger

From the moment I picked up the guitar, my journey included not only playing but also delving into the realm of composition. I find immense joy in crafting my own songs, whether it's devising vocal melodies, guitar riffs, or solos. Since 2016, I've released two albums and a collection of singles and currently I continue writing music for my next release. Here and here you can hear an example of my writing.

At the Redwood Studio, where my creative energy thrives, I consistently generate fresh musical pieces for various artists and bands. This spans the spectrum, from crafting guitar solos to orchestrating entire sections, conceiving complete vocal melodies or writing a full song. My collaborative history includes local artists and bands such as Karmic Kick, Paul Birchwood, Tune Out, What’s Cookin’, Kiezpijn, Rob Sanders (RoJo Studio).

When I embark on creating an original composition for an artist, I play a diverse set of instruments - guitar, bass guitar, piano, lap steel guitar. I record vocals and use the latest professional drums-generating software to offer a fully fledged demo. The entire process, from recording to mixing, is meticulously executed using professional recording software (Cubase 13 Pro).

Alternatively, you might already possess the foundational elements of a song and require only the addition of guitars, orchestration, or vocals. In such cases, I step in to compose, record, and mix these missing components, to integrate them with your original concept. The end result is a comprehensive rendition that elevates and completes your musical vision.


  • Upon request
  • Each project is unique and I am happy to hear your specific needs and wishes.

Individual and Group Coaching for Artists and Bands

Since 2020, as part of my work at Maastricht University, I've specialized in capacity coaching, in particular assisting students who are facing challenges in completing their theses. I received formal coach-training from EdLab Maastricht, and over time, I've developed my own coaching approach.

Drawing inspiration from Gabor Maté's method of 'compassionate inquiry' and the principles of empathic communication I carefully listen to identify the beliefs and assumptions that may be limiting artists progress. Guided by the belief that "our emotions are doors to our needs," I guide artists to uncover their core needs, restoring confidence in their innate skills and abilities.

In both individual and group sessions with musicians, I address specific situations and look for practical solutions. My aim is to help them recognise their individual or group patterns that limit their creativity, sense of self-worth, or authenticity. The ultimate objective is to equip musicians with the skills to overcome such limitations so that they can enjoy sustained and abundant creative process.


  • Upon request
  • Individual Session (one and a half hours)
  • Group Session (two and a half hours)
TROV Music and Coaching
TROV Music and Coaching